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    Is It Ever Ethical to Buy Meat or Fish-Based Dog Food for A Dog?

    Hello 👋, I passionately disagree with animal slaughter and cruelty. However, I also kind of think that animals are generally happier and healthier when eating their natural diet. What if you’re in a country that doesn’t have vegan dog food readily available? I would want to feed my dog right...
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    Dogs and roadkill

    Hello 👋, I was watching a video done by a guy concerning Freelee’s dog Figsy and how they feed the dog by dumpster diving outside the butcher’s (they didn’t want to support animal slaughter, but Figsy needed meat). I would love a dog, but I don’t feel comfortable supporting animal slaughter...
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    Dogs and veganism and Nepal

    Hello 👋, Although my current situation doesn’t allow for it, I would love to adopt a rescued stray dog from Asia, in particular Nepal. I know there are already lots of rescue dogs in need here in the UK, and that bring dogs over from abroad can introduce foreign diseases to our canine...