1. Mar

    Healthy Bread

    What brand is the healthiest whole grain bread? Other than ezikiel?
  2. Marie71

    Psyllium husks in bread

    Hello everybody.... greetings from Denmark :-) I found a super healthy bread recipe. It is light as a cloud and the texture of the bread is very nice. BUT :-( ... The bread has a soapy aftertaste. I tried using only half of the baking soda (it can have a soapy aftertaste if there is too much)...
  3. Grit Bakery

    Product New game-changing plant-based bakery

    GRIT BAKERY Instagram: @gritbakery Redefining Desserts. Non-processed, 100% organic ingredients, low impact, high return. Striving to operate in the most ethical and sustainable way. Always putting people before profit and thinking of 'sustainability' as dealing with likeminded growers...
  4. K

    Weight gain???

    Hi I'm new on this forum but need support. I have slipped in and out of vegan for a few years now and desperately want to keep to vegan but when ever I am I Seem to gain weight I think I know my problem bleh which is bread. I do not eat meat substitutes but I eat a lot of beans and bread which...
  5. Damo

    "Is bread vegan"

    Is bread vegan? I've seen this question a lot online, I figured a lot of newcomers may be asking the question. Most of the time bread is vegan, I can't remember the last time I picked up a loaf of bread from my local supermarket to find it contained milk or any other kind of animal based...