"Is bread vegan"


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Mar 11, 2015
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Is bread vegan? I've seen this question a lot online, I figured a lot of newcomers may be asking the question.

Most of the time bread is vegan, I can't remember the last time I picked up a loaf of bread from my local supermarket to find it contained milk or any other kind of animal based ingredient. The only type of bread that I can think of that isn't vegan is glazed bread.

Anywho, basically most of the time yes bread is vegan but I'd always check the label just to make sure.

What's you're favourite type of bread?! Seeded bread is my favourite! o_O
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I went through a phase where I ate French baguettes everyday... The supermarket kind though!
Some bread is, and some isn't. It just depends on the type of bread! I always google it if I don't know off hand.
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Hey Guys! Most bread is but always make sure to read the label, as some can be made with cheese! or egg! .
Milk is quite often in bread, I think it helps interact with the yeast or something, I think that is what my friend told me, she always makes her own bread. I buy a raisin loaf, but the fruit loaf made by the same people is not vegan.