1. C

    Hello, from a new Vegan Author

    I just published my first children's book and know you and your kids will love it like my son and his friends. It has lots of great rhymes about living plant based! I'd love your feedback, thanks guys -Casey
  2. C

    Vegan Children's Book!!

    My son and his classmates love it, I'm sure you and your kids will too, there's lots of fun rhymes about fruits and veggies, check it out :)
  3. K

    Product Animal Tails Charity Books

    Hi All, Please take a look at this collection of Vegan themed children's books by author Eve Louise Davies. 30% of profits go to animal charities. I was fortunate enough to have illustrated the latest book - Marianna's Milk. 30% of the profit of this...
  4. B

    New vegan - problems with nose and i look pale

    I've been on vegan diet about a month. I was always red in the face and i never had stiffy running nose problems and i never had pimples. since i was vegan i began to have running nose problem, and i look pale and have small pimples on my face. I thought i wasn't getting enough, so i bought...
  5. J

    Quotes and books

    Hey...years ago I read a book on animal rights and it had an incredible quote at the first of it -- perhaps in the introduction, but I just cannot remember. The author of the quote talked about how we spend millions of dollars raising billions of animals, then we kill animals to eat them, which...
  6. K

    Product Free vegan protein cookbook!

    Hello, all! We are Kuku Ruku Publishing and we have our first book releasing at the end of July on Kindle. It is titled, "10 Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Recipes For Building Muscle That Contain More Protein Than Meat." In anticipation of the release we want to give away 15 free copies of the...
  7. R

    Books/documentary recommendations please?

    Hi everyone, I went vegetarian 7 months ago after reading the book 'Eating Animals' - which was both inspirational and horrifying in equal measure :( The aim is to go vegan and I'm cutting out all non-vegan products gradually :) I want to read more books similar to Eating Animals to give me...
  8. disregardedrambles

    Vegan books?

    Hello friends! I'm new to the forum so if there's a thread that already addresses this issue, please point me in the direction of it :) For one of my New Year's Resolutions, I've decided to try and read more. Recently, I've become vegan (a little over a month) and I thought I would start off...
  9. R

    Barnes & Noble leather bound collection?

    I have recently found online the Barbes & Noble leatherboundbound collection and fell in love with it. Specifically, with alices adventures in wonderland&through the looking glass. However, I couldn't find any information about the cover, if it's made out of faux leather or genuine. Anyone knows?
  10. Jess

    Books to read

    I'm looking to read this book: However, I'd prefer it if I had a similar, but also different, book to compare it too. I've had a look at the other books suggested on Amazon, but the reviews don't seem as...