animal testing

  1. R

    Sore Throat-Animal-tested medicine or honey?

    If you had a sore throat, which would you rather take? Animal-tested medicine or honey? This is an interesting take on the honey debate. Which is more ethical and more veganly to take? Medicine such as Strepsils (etc) that may have been tested on animals or honey (like in honey and lemon, honey...
  2. R

    Are WHO testing on animals for Coronavirus?

    Hello 👋, I really want to donate to the World Health Organisation’s Solidarity Coronavirus Appeal, but I’m concerned that the donation will be used to fund and conduct animal experiments. Does anyone here know if WHO are using animals in their research? Thank you 😊.
  3. R

    Animal Experiments with Agenda

    Hey 👋, Please sign and share. Thank you 😊.
  4. K

    Animal testing for reasearch and development

    Hi all! I am a chemist and i will soon be starting work on a pharmaceutical contact lense that cures glaucoma in humans. This contact lense will udergo animal testing in rabbits. I have expressed my dissaproval however there is no other way for this technology to undergo any other kind of...
  5. Tiana Rodriguez

    Is gift tissue paper ever tested on animals?

    I know that Kleenex and toilet paper can be tested on animals but I cannot seem to find if gift tissue paper is tested on animals. I know the difference is that gift tissue paper is not designed to be used for hygiene but I just want to double check before buying!