animal abuse

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    Saving Animals on Facebook

    Hello 👋, I am part of a Facebook group called Vegans Vs. Non-Vegans. It’s a debating group. Please look it up, you might be able to help in the fight for the animals on there… Anyhow, on there, I sometimes interact with a farmer guy in the USA (I am in the UK). He showed a photo of a...
  2. L

    Food packaging-Warning graphic labels illustrating animal cruelty

    Hello, I had an idea with friends.....I don't think the idea is new, but it doesn't matter. we had the idea that there could be activism towards pictures on meat wrappers like cigarette packs. So instead of smoking legs and lungs of adverse animal husbandry, suffering animals etc on meat product...
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    Hello 👋, I’m very upset at the moment. I just had an argument with my mum. She got really mad and I got really upset. Anyhow, so I posted something on Facebook about veganism and animal rights. I posted it in the wrong places, in a What’s On group for my village and in a Devon group. It...
  4. R

    I sometimes feel like hating the whole human race!!

    Human beings are the worst, most destructive, cruel and horrible creatures out there. Humans are responsible for destroying the rainforests. Humans are responsible for plastic pollution and air pollution. Humans are responsible for global warming and desertification. Humans are responsible for...
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    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help get Suman the elephant 🐘 and her parents rescued and reunited together with her sister Peanut.“riding”-elephants-of-india-🇮🇳-and-elsewhere/ Thank you...
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    Greece 🇬🇷 Animals Petition

    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help the animals of Greece 🇬🇷. Thank you 😊. Best Christmas 🎄 Wishes to all, Rory. Have the best day and night ever!
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    China 🇨🇳 animal petition

    Hi 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help stop animal cruelty in China 🇨🇳. 🐻 🐕 🐶 🐈 🐱 🦊 🐼 🦡 🐯 🐅 🦏🐘 🐊. Thank you 😊.
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    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help get Suman the elephant 🐘 and her parents rescued and reunited together with her sister Peanut. Thank you 😊 to the moon 🌓 (an extra...
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    Dealing with looking up & seeing upsetting stuff online?

    Hi ?, I’m an animal rights person. I’m a (near) vegan. I do click-to-donates, online petitions, going to vegan and animal rights markets, food bank donations, charity pots, not wanting to use/buy stuff from companies that test on animals and sharing on social media, among other things like...
  10. R

    Is it true that being vegan actually saves animals?

    Hi ?, Does being vegan actually save animals or does it just not support the slaughtering? Do the animals still get slaughtered anyway? Thanks.
  11. R

    How can i cope with seeing/reading about/ animal cruelty ?

    Hi, I'm a young animal rights advocate. I'm mostly vegan. I do a lot of campaigning on the Internet. With such, I see a lot of really disturbing images and read about upsetting things. I have mental health issues (Autism and anxiety). Here are some of the really disturbing things I've seen/read...
  12. Jaydoesitgood

    Horse dillemma

    So, you remember that one horse obsessed girl that every elementary school ever had? Thats me. Ive been head over heals for them my entire life. Have a million horse books, a breyer model horse collection, and I owned a horse right up until I had to go to college and donated him to a charity...