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Aug 7, 2016
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So i have come up with a taught experiment

"what would you choose: would you prefer to be a wild pigeon, with all that includes, you have to compete for your food, you will die prematurely at the hands of a predator but you have the whole sky to fly in or a pet parrot. You get feed everyday, you are cared for and you live out you life in peace but you never get to really flap those wings."

I think i would be the parrot
Pigeon, sorry. I would much rather look at the sky as I take my last breath instead of not being able to free my wings for a stretch. Thats what I think
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Pigeon without a doubt. Look at the way the world is going, we are all going to be parrots soon enough, and not well-cared for ones.
A parrot's life depends on the owner. Perhaps, you are free most of the day everyday. Perhaps, you are greatly loved and can feel that immensely. Are parrots more intelligent than pigeons? Perhaps, you travel everywhere with your owner and bring out the light in many guests you encounter. For example, this Halloween, I went to a house where the owner had her parrot on her shoulder. We were able to hold and pet him and he just seemed to be such a happy bird.

Idk-- I chose parrot though.