Where to find vegan shoes



Where do you like to shop for vegan footwear?

Zappos.com, although not a vegan retailer, does allow for "vegan" as a search criterion.

Dansko and Sanita, for those who like their shoes (as I do), both have a vegan line. I got really good deals on ebay recently, because I happen to wear the shoe size that is used for salesmen's samples, and someone apparently snapped up a whole bunch of them and listed them on ebay.

Mooshoes.com carries only vegan products. I know there are similar online retailers in the U.K. and elsewhere - I hope someone will post them.
I cannot afford the vegan shoes found online so I try my best to find "all man made materials" labels in shoes at mainstream stores. They are often quite inexpensive but may not be of the highest quality but one does what one has to do....
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^ I do that a lot too, my feet are narrow and between sizes so if possible I like to be able to try them on. Plus I really like canvas shoes, and luckily there's in fashion so there's lots about. I also don't often like the style of online vegan shoes.

In the UK Rocket Dog often have leather free shoes and are in most highstreet shoe shops. They have some beautiful fabric heals atm, I think some have leather bits in them but not all. They also have leather free, flat, smart-ish shoes.

Marks and spencers also have lots of leather-free shoes that are smart, and boots and things like that, it's just a case of reading the labels really. You'd think they were all granny-fied but actually I have got some nice shoes from there before, and they are about as good quality as highstreet leather free shoes are going to get really, any more expensive and they're all leather.

I got the most AMAZING boots from Urban outfitters (brand was Deena and Ozzy) that were leather free and super comfortable, the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. I don't know if they do lots of them though or if it was just luck. (ETA: I just looked them up online and all the ones I can find have leather so I think I just got lucky, a shame, they were so good)