Where to Buy Vegan Documentary DVDs/Blu-Rays


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Jul 2, 2017
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Hello đź‘‹,
I have tried sending my family videos relating to veganism, which they don’t usually watch (or not to my knowledge). They aren’t vegan, but I would love for them to go vegan. I have thought that maybe buying them a DVD/Blu-Ray of a vegan documentary might actually get them to watch something like that. However, I don’t do online shopping. If I asked my family to teach me, they might query me as to why, and I wouldn’t want to tell them, and I wouldn’t want to lie. It could lead to a difficult situation. So I would need to be able to actually go into a physical shop and get one.
I am in Exeter, Devon, UK. Does anyone know of any shops in Exeter that would sell these? I have searched on HMV, and I couldn’t find anything relevant for “vegan” or “The End of Meat”.
I wouldn't consider this the biggest waste of money.
All be it i very much doubt they'd be receptive.
Thanks. I may have to settle for a free version that I’ve found and watched myself before on YouTube.
Maybe... if you forced them to watch one - Clockwork Orange style.... nah. NVM