Vegans & Religion.

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I start vegan with religious movement sectarism. People in this, think about suicide and World end, with violent preach. They said me "if you are not vegan you are sinner". "Or if you don't want to be vegan I torture you". With gay supplice. They have been rape me too. Now some people are die or in another country than me. And, they continue. Some vegan are criminal. Because sect, money and power of domination. A lot of guru are vegan. They have a lot of knowledges for manipulate spirit, or have a mind control on you. Like with poor people in the street. And of course some vegan are free Mason. Very difficult for me for accept the future.
Sorry to hear this, that's not a great way to start out with veganism :(

I can only say that here in the VF community we try to have a tolerant tone and be accepting of human imperfections and personal circumstances. Yes, I'd like to see veganism grow and become the mainstream lifestyle on this planet, but I don't think mind control and sectarian ways of thinking is going to be helpful in achieving that goal, quite the opposite!

You are more than welcome to join in and participate on the forum, and I hope you don't feel veganism has been forever tarnished with your sectarian experiences. I can assure you that veganism can be a wonderful lifestyle on its own, and that gurus and religion are entirely optional. I'm a lifelong atheist myself, and I think the majority of the members are also either atheists or agnostic. (But we do of course have several religious members as well, nothing inherently wrong with that!) In any case, I'm not aware of anyone here advocating for sectarian silliness about mass suicide and the end of the world.
Whenever someone has some kind of influence over someone else and chooses to abuse that power, it makes my blood boil.

It doesn't matter if they are a vegan activist, a political activist, a religious zealot, a dictator, an abusive partner, a despotic manager or a schoolground bully, this is still physical, mental or emotional manipulation and totally unacceptable.

@Tomin, you deserve better than that. Your trust has been broken and you have every excuse for being bitter and suspicious of others. I would just urge you not to give up hope on everyone and allow yourself to accept there are good people out there too. Some are vegan. Some have religious beliefs. Some have money. Some happen to be freemasons. Some are none of these. None of them, however, will try to force their will on you.

I know it's easy for me to sit and write this, but I really hope you don't let all this damage how you feel about yourself. You have every right to be happy with who you are, and it was not your fault you were abused. Do you have someone you can trust to confide in? A counsellor, a family member, a friend?