Vegan diet plan services?


Jun 20, 2016
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Hi. About January my brother became a vegan. Since then he has been telling me about it. Having done research on health benefits and animal right benefits I wish to become vegan.

The issue I have is, im not a big eater. Usually have small basic meals. I am also a postman walking roughly 10 miles per day and in the gym for 2 hours a day. My goal is to gain muscle while I maintain fat levels.
From what I have seen, vegans really struggle calorie wise. As I have a severe lack of knowledge I was wondering if anybody knows any online personal trainer that do diet plan services? I have seen plenty of them in the past but are all meat eaters.

I have already started the transition. I have cut out all dairy products but I still have 1 big no no. Chicken. This is currently my only none vegan item which granted, is the worst 1 but im looking at progress. Not perfection.

Thanks for the help.
Hi Michael,

Firstly, it's great to hear that you are looking to come on board. I hope you get there soon. Let's see if we can help you.

I wouldn't say we 'really struggle' but it is true that animal products tend to be denser in calories per gram. However nuts, seeds, and beans are all pretty dense in calories. If you're a postman, you could definitely take a bag of nuts and seeds or 'trail mix' with you on your rounds and it will help. Most vegans learn to eat bigger portions quite quickly, with just those in transition struggling with it.

As for looking for meal plans, it will depend on what you are really looking for. Most freely available plans are aimed at the general public (i.e. not necessarily those who are looking to consciously muscle gain) - you could still use these if you scaled up the portions a bit and double-checked the amount of protein you might be after. That being said, protein isn't all it's cracked up to be (see this thread: Anyway if you do an internet search for meal plans you will find plenty, and I personally wouldn't use an online personal trainer but that is up to you.

As for eating chicken, please try replacing this with vegan chicken substitutes. You will find these in the freezer section of most supermarkets these days, if not in health food stores like Holland & Barrett. I have heard many vegans recommend Fry's as a chicken substitute, though I hadn't tried it myself.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Should be good to go full vegan in a week or two. Will power wise I can change diet over night without a second thought. Ill broaden my knowledge and commit to it fairly easy.