NBC-Vegan/Veg*t Diet May Lower Risk of Certain Illnesses.


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Jun 8, 2018
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An analysis of nearly 50 studies suggests that plant-based diets have a multitude of health benefits.

If you are reading this here, you probably are not even a little bit surprised.Except that it was NBC that reported it. (Can't believe many of their advertisers are too happy with this news).

However, this is NBC, not Forbes or Newsweek (who have been know for pro vegan reports). For some, this might be the most straight forward claim about vegan and vegetarian meals being healthy they ever read.

Not sure if this represents a tipping point. Heck, 1/3 of Americans think Trump is president.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegetarian and vegan diets are adequate and healthy at all stages of life, including pregnancy, childhood and older adulthood.​

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Hmm. Maybe we have a new trend.
This story is being widely reported. Although that Independent article is pretty lukewarm.

First there was vegan for the animals. Then vegan for the climate. Now Vegan to live longer.

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Diet to live longer AND save the planet
Introducing the Planetary Health Diet.
Vegan diets for health :dance:
I used to like sour creme and onion potato chips, now I eat Lays Funyum flavor!
Coke and Pepsi real sugar may concern some, but the ones with corn syrup are VEGAN! :woo:
No more candy with milk or carmine-- why worry when there's Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers.

I've known many people who eat healthier than the majority of vegans I know. I also know vegans who eat even healthier--but that's because they eat WFPB!!!!
Veganism nor vegetarianism does NOT imply health. It only says that you avoid animal products, or meats. That's it.
Anything else is a personal choice to eat healthy. Much like omnivores....
Vegan diets for health :dance:
Anything else is a personal choice to eat healthy. Much like omnivores....
Calm Down.

I forgot to link the article but you would find that the article addresses your concerns.

According to the article,

The diet aims to increase consumption of healthy foods including:​
While decreasing the consumption of foods like:​
...."Lean towards plants,"....​
In many ways, the diet is similar to the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. It can be adapted to be fully plant-based and vegan or omnivorous with the inclusion of some meat and dairy.​
"Meat and dairy constitute important parts of the diet but in significantly smaller proportions than whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes," according to the nonprofit EAT's website.​
Ideally, a "planetary health plate" should consist of about half a plate of vegetables and fruit with the other half consisting mostly of whole grains, plant protein sources and optional modest amounts of animal sources of protein, the organization explains.​
oh. I understand now. This is like being a flexatarian. But doing it for the planet or for your health. NOT for the animals.
Yeah. **** animals. What have they ever done for me.

Planet-first diet cuts risk of early death by nearly a third, study says

Closely following a planet-friendly diet of mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains reduces the risk of premature death by nearly one-third in people, while also dramatically cutting the release of greenhouse gases devastating the planet, a new study found.​

Some of this is because of my NewsFeeder which will find stuff like this for me. but the articled Do have to be published for it to find.

Anyway, here is some more good press for the Planetary Health Diet.
And this might. be the best article yet.

That question prompted an international group of scientists to create a “planetary health diet” that’s heavy on plants — including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes and unsaturated oils from sources like olives and canola — along with modest amounts of dairy, poultry, fish and other foods derived from animals. It also allows for a little bit of red meat, refined grains and sugar. (You can even have a burger about once a week.)​
If the whole world were to embrace a diet like this — along with adopting better agricultural practices and reducing food waste — greenhouse gas emissions would be cut roughly in half, the scientists calculated when they introduced their eating plan in 2019. They also projected that the number of premature deaths around the world would fall by up to 24%.​

Hmm... Wonder if the eliminating deaths would accelerate population growth and cancel out the reduction of GHG....
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