Vegan community study !

Kirsten Kean

Oct 17, 2018
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Hi everyone, I would like to interview a few members of the veganforum about how they feel towards the forum. I would like to ask a few short simple questions, answers will contribute to my undergraduate dissertation project :)

If you would be interested in taking part I would be extremely grateful!! Please comment below if you are interested, I can ask the questions on private message on here, or via email (

Thank you!
Thank you for your time!

-Firstly do yo find the to be a type of community?
-If yes, what kinds of actions/behaviours within the forum allow you to feel a sense of community?
maybe im not the best person to ask actually, haha.

I *just* joined this place

although I will say I do believe it's a community - a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.