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Jan 25, 2022
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United Kingdom
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Hi Everyone. I am a final year BSc Nutrition student completing my dissertation project at the University of Central Lancashire. I am a vegan for over 4 years, with 2 veggie/vegan children, and have decided to use this opportunity to carry out some vegan-related research.

I am attempting to explore the bidirectional relationship between vegan dietary intake and sleep.
I am looking for willing vegans to participate in my study. I have attached my participant information form which details more information about my study and consent form. If you have been vegan for 3 months, are aged over 18, and would be willing to complete a diet diary for 4 days or if you capture your food via a tracking app and can share the 4 days data, complete a sleep questionnaire, and also a short dietary assessment questionnaire please complete the consent form attached and get in touch

Many thanks :)


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