Update on the beardies...


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Jun 6, 2012
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So, I got a couple of bearded dragons from the humane society not long ago, and we were told they were both male. But, apparently, they were wrong! Moments ago, Falcor laid about 30 eggs. I'm a beardie gramma!

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Wow! I know it can be hard to determine gender in reptiles, so I will give them a pass! What do the adult dragons do with the eggs normally? Do they take care of them?
They don't take care of their eggs, but they generally bury them a lot deeper than was possible in our tank. We've taken them out and assembled a makeshift incubator for the night, until we can do something better tomorrow. From the look of it, a lot of them are probably not going to hatch but we've got at least 4 or 5 that will probably make it.
I almost forgot I can look and adopt a reptile from a shelter. I will keep my eye on pet finder and other sites now.
eeee! I've been around lots of "baby"/toddler-ish beardies, but never newborns. How exciting! Take loads of pictures!

Are you going to keep the ones that do hatch?
I'm not sure yet. We're moving soon so hopefully there will be enough space for some of them. And I have a lot of friends who are already putting their names down. :p

Though through my reading, I found out that she could have up to 3 clutches of fertilized eggs off of one mating session. Yikes! Even if we separate them now we could be in for a loooooot of babies!