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Hi all,

Since eating a more conscious, ethically kind, diet I have met many people - including my partner - who ask the question but what about game? What about meat that isn't deliberately reared to be eaten?

When I am asked this question it is clear that the person doing the talking has this fantastical idea about woods, meadows, and moors naturally full of deer, grouse, partridge and the like all happily living out their lives without a care in the world enjoying their habitats as nature intended. Then, one fine day, unsuspecting, bang!, they are instantly shot did without premonition. So they live a natural and full life up until that moment. That is what these questioners believe.

But that is not the case at all. Game hunting is much the same as commercial fishing, in a way. It's just as destructive and there is a lot of by-kill. Nothing about it is the fantastical image people have in mind.

So I was very pleased to find in my YouTube feed, this morning, that this video is now trending - and that there is a UK parliament petition to go with it:

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