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Wondering if my bf's cat needs a vet visit because her fur near her tail is kinda dirty and matted, could be a sign of illness I think. Jesse wasn't grooming himself well before he died either.
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Cali and Sophie had their checkup today. Both had their blood pressure checked due to kidney failure,, Cali worse than Sophie. We had found Sophie had lost her vision a couple days ago, but hadn't thought about anything other than her age--which is somewhere over the 19 years we had her and Cali, and Sophie was fully grown then. Turns out her BP is very high, which caused her retinas to detach 😥 .She's on medication for it.
Cali seems better, but not good. She got her blood rechecked and hoping we have some answer
This guy is so annoying. He will want to snuggle. Then he gets mad after a while or if you move. He will sit there and hiss on my lap. I'm like get up and move then.


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