Jul 5, 2017
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I'm planning a long trip to Thailand. What I'm hoping for from this trip is to learn and become vegan and eating raw. I'm 21 st 9 pounds at the moment. I'm on my second day of a dry fast. I'm in desperate need to shed of my weight and spiritualy find my self again and I believe Thailand is the place to be!
Any advice on we're I should be hanging out in Thailand on a tight budget
Chiang Mai (i stayed in a hostel called deejais that i loved! V cheap too!) It has some fab vegan restaurants, they aren't easy to find everywhere in se Asia but Thailand is do-able. You can mostly ask for bits to be altered if you need. Lots of fried food out there so be mindful. And fish sauce in everything - even papaya salad! It can be replaced with mushroom sauce.