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Jun 15, 2017
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Has anyone else tried Tasty Bites prepackaged meals?

We love Indian and Thai foods and although we do makes our own, much of the time, sometimes you just want to not have to cook. I found these meals in my local health food store, the other day, on sale for $2 each and many of them are vegan (most are vegetarian) and they are actually tasty. They have a bit more oil than I would prefer and more salt but not as much as a similar product that I used to buy a few years ago.

The products differ slightly between Canada and the USA.

I will be buying more(especially the Phad Thai), while they are on sale and keeping them in the pantry for those times when....

The packaging is such that they are microwaveable in the package (not sure that I would do that). They can also be boiled in water or as another customer in the store told me, she just makes a bunch of extra veggies and heats them up on the stove with the veggies. Great for camping trips, too, if weight is not an issue.

Emma JC
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I like the Bombay Potatoes enough to eat them, but I'm not a huge fan of Tasty Bites. They're something good to grab as you said for camping trips, or for microwavable lunches.