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Mar 7, 2016
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Well, here I am sitting on the couch feeling mostly disappointment towards myself. I know what happens behind closed doors. I've watched and will continue to watch as many videos as possible to keep educating myself about veganism, but here I sit wondering what inside me told me to go eat that piece of cheese pizza leftover in the fridge? Why can't I stick with it? Why is everything that I have watched not enough to stop me? Maybe I am my own enemy and I am standing in the way of being successful. I guess that is why I came here. I looked up vegan support and came across a link to VeganForum. I took that as a sign to reach out and get some advice and support from others that maybe struggled with the same thing? I live in a very small city in Alberta, Canada. Alberta is known for its beef, we are rednecks who eat meat every meal and snack. I have one vegan cafe in my city, but it has only smoothies and granola bars.. I knew that if I needed support I would have to look to the internet. So here I am. I believe so deep in my heart that veganism in right. I still live at home and my mom and dad are meat loving potato eating Albertan's and I have tried to spread awareness in my family and home, but no one listens and it makes me so angry! I just really need some advice that will help me. I need to be stronger and stick to what I believe in, but maybe someone out there has some pointers or links to help! Thank you for reading and I look forward to the replies. I will always keep trying, always, but I know I can do better than that!
Hello whitmilhouse and welcome :)

Living with non-vegans is one of the hardest things to do. You're not the first to struggle.

In terms of practical advice, what if you were to ask for a vegan shelf at the top of your fridge? That might make it easier for you to 'compartmentalise'. It's also most hygienic to have at the top.

If you're craving cheese, then seek out vegan cheese. Don't tell yourself 'I can't have this any more' because then you'll be turning veganism into the bad guy at some level. You see a piece of pizza and you can think 'mmm I really want vegan pizza!' You can ask for a pizza marinara in most pizza places (that just means 'without cheese' - check there's no dairy in the dough) or you can buy vegan cheese or a base/make a pizza from scratch. Especially if this is still fairly new to you, I think it's important to satisfy your cravings in whatever vegan way you can.

You should check out - type in the city where you live and you might be surprised to find more options than you knew local or close-by. They might not all be specifically vegan vendors but perhaps vegetarian with vegan options or stores with a good vegan stock. It's a very useful little website.

Sometimes there are vegan gatherings listed on which is another place to check. Or you can see if there are local potlucks?

There are other threads here about dealing with parents and family, if you do a quick search I hope you find them useful. :)

All the best!
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Wow! This helped me so much :) Thank you for replying! I will look at it different and today has already been better! I made vegan pancakes today because I wanted them!
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I'm really proud of you Whitmilhouse. I tried many times to be vegetarian when I was young, but usually gave in to pressure from those around me, especially when someone would cook you a meal, I would struggle between holding to my principles and being impolite. I only managed to get to grips with vegetarianism in my fifties and have been vegan now for six months. In England there is a growing awareness and many supermarkets are now stocking vegan foodstuff. When you have your own home you will have total control over what you buy, but meanwhile, keep up the struggle and educate your family, but don't get too upset if you fail now and then, just think of all the times you succeeded. Make sure you are eating healthily, there's lots of information on this forum, and everyone will want to know why you look and feel so well and you can tell them you're a vegan. :)
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