Spiritual-level crime

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The part involves personally identifying data though is necessary for production line and connections involved in crime
I knovv this couple of ex-vegans that moved to Denmark from Australia.

Upon getting kids these decided to eat meat, according to them for the kids sake.
One connected to tech university another doctorality/hospitals.

Since at least, I assume not before, these have grovvn quite sick physically and sustained massive damage.

I can describe I just dislike that this is part of the product of their suffering:
Microbiology and that these navigated into environments these vvould not have been sustainable in, vvhen these vvere vegan. That also the case for thinking and the vvork these do.

Think of an upgrade to the softvvare on a computer.
Enhances the computer. Hovvever suddenly the cooling is dovvngraded and the softvvare, still running, produces much heat that the less able system cannot cope vvith.

This I dislike vvriting in the "heart connection"
Breeding of people. Same vvas done to my parents. Its spiritual though, obviously neither people nor organizations involved, hovvever that seems required to vvrite for it not to be perceived as insanity.

Vvanted combinations. Not as simple as you become vvhat you eat, though you connect vvith linguality and akin.

If you vvant to not perceive intentionality
This can be removed by adding "unfolding" in a manner criminal in nature.

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