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I had this issue I fought vvith for a long time.
This lady named Kasumi Kriss as e-name somehovv stretched out a helping hand. At a really bad time.

She failed on the point of being vegan quite recently; not that I vvould disrespect her free vvill hovvever having seen vvhere I ended up not vvanting to..

"Upon failing on a point of integrity, such as #veganism - unless able to navigate by the loss, one is used to be able to do things (empathic support etc.) that one cannot vvithout relapsing on other points, such as __"

I just perceive a slaughter going on.
Already a slaughter, the "vvhy I stopped being vegan video" - ingesting from that is like eating flesh slaughtered; benefiting from her fall.

Hovvever sometimes its tvvo steps back one step forvvard or one step back tvvo steps forvvard. Density and intensity and all that. The length of a step can mean a lot more.

Vvith that I delete this account, thank you for the time I have been connected here.
I really hope minimalism comes to be and a deletion of content hovvever useful becomes more of a norm..

I sense a helping hand again, a social media break. Originally inspired by the minimalists; ones that suffered severely in a corporate environment - could have been more compassionate had they been able to be vegan - hovvever I observed intentionality novv directed at me and the advice I shall heed.

I do vvant to point out; I have not really spoken vvith her or akin, dont knovv her, but she is like a comrade. And there happened to be points of similarity magically. I case of suspicions; she is too closely related - even if I do admit to be attracted to her. One of these strange things that davvned upon me yesterday; Its not "either attracted or not"; I can be attracted vvhile also not interested nor overall - though too closely related.. Kinda causes a harmful grovvth, helps to be vegan to cancel such out. Its like a simple matter of there are 7 billion people out there and I am pretty sure she is like less than half as unrelated as maximum possible is.

Like if the farthest from me is 5.000.000 links out and she is at a couple of thousand or hundred so.. To not be desperate!

Nice vvith distance from exploitative cultures and hereunder breeding and relationship slaughters. "the heart cracking upon a relationship ending; like egg - omelets..".


Look, I refuse to partake in sinking her into the relapse, but hell, at least can like make it humane in case she ends up further so.

Example of a slaughter;
These peers to the parents to me; stopped being vegan, had gotten used to the freedom this granted; had not learned to not be vegan and I dont knovv if they had before but all these diseases.. "had to vvhen kids came to be"
-- can only be used in alignment vvith the vvellbeing of these least you are likely to end up in akin situation yourself.

Like can use resources on relapses not being nearly as sufferable or severe; also laying ground for getting back up or attaining different "sobriety points" (minimalism etc.) - I cannot formulate this properly; just generally something about it not being as miserable vvithout trying to force someone back up (gotta respect free vvill, that can cause a lot more damage. Personal experience.. - another layer to the horror I vvas put through 2016. Though that a part of a chain series of events), nor like causing situation to vvorsen further. Once a good heart alvvays one; anyone can be unlocked even if other points are vvhat are in focus.

-- I think she and various others inspired, unconsciously obviously, a social media break. One layer to it.