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Suggested going to an animal rescue sanctuary to make amends to all the animals that have died as a result of my lifesituation (being born into such) involving meat and dairy eating and at one point ending up vvith pills from pretty horrible production lines. Though I had tried some at an earlier point before it vvas forcible. Did not really vvant them, kind of interesting. Does not vvork for me or anyone.

The fact though; I have allergy to beings vvith fur.
Could care for pigs I guess.

I like having these allergies, I did not "get a dog" as a child though much seeking the connection and joy of a partner/family member (not the solely in house and leashed vvalks life of a dog though, thats too creepy).

I vvould not take allergy pills even if I could;
May have been a causage of my severe suffering.. Family or my vvanting to "get a dog"/"get a cat" though the vvording does injustice.

Ill just navigate by my allergies, they typically tell me something right. I knovv various things I can change for those allergies to likely disappear; relations to end and akin.

And have vegans in your environment, vvithout holding onto these and hindering these from meeting other vegans except those you vvant them to/of particular backgrounds/akin/those "already there". (Fear of leaving; causing the very need and seeking to).