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Mar 11, 2015
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Does anyone here shop at Sainsbury's?

They label their vegan food with this little logo but for this vegetable soup they have the vegetarian logo which confuses me because that must mean that the soup contains dairy or something else to make it not vegan friendly, is anyone able to shed some light on this or would I be better off contacting Sainsbury's?

Here's the ingredient list... Looks vegan to me?

Water, Carrot (19%), Tomato Purée, Potato (10%), Peas (4%), Onion, Cooked Pasta (Water, Durum Wheat Semolina), Haricot Beans (3%), Swede (2%), Cornflour, Vegetable Bouillon (Salt, Yeast Extract, Sugar, Leek Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Flavouring, Celery Extract), Rapeseed Oil, Concentrated Carrot Juice, Sugar, Salt, Leek, Black Pepper.
Maybe, I think I'll send Sainsbury's an email I'll post back with the result.

Seems that everyone at work has been passing the flu around... :oops:
It is vegan. Their lists are not 100% accurate.
I'm sure you're right.

I did speak with someone from Sainsbury's through their Facebook page though they weren't much help as to why the tin only showed it was suitable for vegetarians.

Hello, I'm wondering if you can clarify whether or not this tin of soup is suitable for vegans? In store it just has the "v" which I think means it's suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans. I've checked the ingredients but I cannot see anything that is not vegan friendly, are you able to assist? Thank you!

Hi Damien, I've looked further into this and the product is suitable for vegans. Thanks, Stuart.

Thanks Stuart, is there a reason why it doesn't show on the tin?

Hi there Darren, you can find all the info on our labeling & what they mean here; Debs

Hello, thanks. Sorry yes the label on the tin showed that it's suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans I'm assuming it's an error?

Apologies about that Damien, I'll have this fed back with the relevant team to be looked into. Debs

It's no problem, thanks. Can I be updated on this?

Unfortunately due to the amount of feedback we receive, we're unable to keep each individual customer updated. Sorry! Debs

Okay that's understandable, thanks for the help.