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Nov 18, 2017
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I tried a small bottle of Ripple chocolate milk today. I was afraid to try the original flavor but thought chocolate was a safer risk especially in an individually sized serving. I never had reasoning to try it because I like soy and hemp miks but I was very intrigued by the fact it contains algal DHA.

The chocolate is very tasty. I was pleased. Has anyone had the plain?
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I just tried Ripple today for the first time. I tried them all, and I bought the plain for my cereal. I like it way better than anything else I've tried. The chocolate is delicious. I'm going to try a ripple latte tomorrow. I quit coffee because I didn't like how non-dairy milks tasted in it. I've been a green tea drinker since, but this gives me new hope. I am really impressed with this product.
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I've never had the plain but have had vanilla and chocolate. They taste just like milkshakes. I love it. Wish it was cheaper though. I've only bought it twice. Once it was on clearance for fifty cents. By far my favorite milk.
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I stopped buying all nut/seed milks when I discovered how easy it was to make my own for less cost and more nutrition.

To date the easiest way I've found is simply to mix desired nut butter (such as Tahini) in a blender with water. But, lacking that, just as easy to grind something like oats to a powder then blend with water.

At the moment, I'm enjoying Tahini milk blended with 100% date syrup and strawberries. Cost me pennies. Delicious and nutritious, every ingredient is 100% whole food - no "protein extracts" or sweetener isolates.

lol - I guess I could've just said "no" eh?
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