Recipe to Convince Boyfriend to Veganism?


Nov 16, 2016
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  1. Vegan newbie
Hi! I am a new vegan myself, and I'm perfectly fine with eating raw whole foods as meals. However, my boyfriend doesn't have the best diet but I want to show him how delicious various vegan foods can be. What are the best vegan food recipes you have tried?
That's a hard question to answer as the choices are very broad. It would depend on what kinds of foods he likes. Here are some of my favorite recipes that might be geared more for an omni who is not into raw fruits and vegetables: (I LOVE this veggie burger and will top it with vegan mayo and a bun for an awesome veggie's a hit with omnis). (another HUGE hit with omnis) (I make this often, and also use the bulgar lentil mix idea with a few tweaks as a taco filling for hard cornshell tacos).

That's a few anyway to get started on. If you want him to eat more raw fruits and veggies, another great one is to make a waldorf salad with raw broccoli, grapes, walnuts, spinach, and red onion. Then make a cashew mayonnaise to go on it. I did this for a potluck at work not expecting anyone to touch it as they are die hard meat eaters, but they DEVOURED it. The secret for sure was the cashew mayo. I got my coworkers to eat raw broccoli with a simple homemade cashew mayo lol. Here is the recipe I use for the mayo: (I use way less oil than the recipe calls for and more light coconut milk; I also have a high speed Blendtec blender which works beautifully for this, but a food processor will work too if you don't have a high speed blender).
I work in a veg cafe and guys always go for the burger . So maybe start there :)
My husband (who eats meat) likes a lot of Thai stir fry dishes with red coconut curry or peanut butter. He also likes veggie or bean burgers topped with everything you can think of... including sriracha! :D I make delicious lentil tomato based soups. Tacos with avocado and toffuti sour cream are good. You can skip the vegan sour cream, but I think avocado is key with vegan tacos! (SO DELICIOUS!)

There's so many amazing vegan dishes we eat and we aren't even vegan.