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Jun 27, 2015
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I have tried loads and loads of headphones for running and none of them work for me, in ears fall out, on ears break due to sweat. There is only one option left. A pair of on ears specifically treated to be sweat proof. There are no others on the market. I have spent days and days hunting. Trouble is, they have a leather protein in the earpads. Does this count under the having done everything practically possible advice about being vegan, and it ok to get them? Bearing in mind we probably all use computers that aren't vegan. I have always been a strict vegan and when it came down to it, probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to buy them. Which would leave me musicless on my runs. But just wondered what people felt about this?
Thanks very much for that. I've tried them all and they all slip from my ears and I lose sound. The headphones I mentioned, sms audio, are the only headphones left I haven't tried!
Quick question ... have you tried the ones from Panasonic?

Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-RPHS33D-Headphones/dp/B0015ADDYY

I have a very simple pair of those that I bought at en electronics chain store and use for jogging.
Do not know if they are vegan, however, but they are waterproof and fit, because they have those pieces to put over your ears.