Jan 4, 2016
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So, i am this Indian landed in UK a couple years ago with the most conservative vegetarian heritage till 2010 when i started eating all sorts of non-veg food. I am a Hindu and in one of the sects, it is even recommended to avoid milk and milk products and only on vegetarian food. That's the stage when one attains the highest form of Brahmachari - who not only think about the animals but also our mother planet earth.

A few weeks ago, i came across a site and i was taken a back when i saw the statistics of what animal breeding and byproducts are doing to this planet. The only solution i could think of was going back to the Basics-to becoe a vegan.

I want to take it slow and would post questions and queries about the alternatives for foods and in the mean time would personally delve into the Indian Cuisine about its vegan aspects.

So, please help me with your answers as i would start replacing the items one by one towards my goal of adopting a vegan lifestyle.

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Welcome. This is a really good forum with so much information. Indian curries are wonderful and really don't need meat. It would be lovely if you can post some recipes. I have been reading about protein, thanks to a link from Winterfrost to on the Unintentionally Vegan site. Very interesting telling you how to get the essential amino acids direct from vegetables, and also vegan options for protein. Well worth a look. Good luck and hope you are soon total vegan.
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