Papa Johns Vegan Pizza!


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Mar 11, 2015
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For those fortunate enough to have a Papa Johns local to themselves you can actually order a vegan pizza from them!

Basically remove the cheese and make sure you choose the original hand tossed dough base the others contain milk :( then go nuts with the veggies!

I was surprised that the hand tossed dough was vegan I would have thought the thin crust was vegan instead like with Dominos pizza.

Here's a link to Papa Johns nutrition/ingredient guides for piece of mind, enjoy! :D

Guide 1
Guide 2
I go to Papa Johns a lot. I have one local to me. The pizzas are good quality I find. After my transition I will make an order.

Thanks for the info.
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I love Papa Johns! I do the same just say no cheese and load up the veggie toppings. YUMMY!
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