Open Source Philosophy-Using Vegan Forum for Business


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Mar 6, 2019
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@Indian Summer has already told me he doesn't want me to start a go fund me campaign for developing a social dating interface section, undefended reasons were given, some general distaste towards anything with money... I share that value a lot actually, sorta the philosophy of having software development funded through some sort of $ amount prior to it being there instead of after when its this tyranny thing... doing it before would ensure you could know that the app would have the free of paywalls and ads open source philosophy that we all want... its total ******** that these dating sites are charging you money to send messages... I would be horrified if veganforum turned into something like that...

In the spirit of having said all of that, I just made this post about a product idea I have... Imagine a company was sparked in this forum circling around making that thing a reality and just continued using vegan forum for coordinating business activity, just as independent individuals who happen to be posting in this vegan forum... what would be wrong with that? Imagine these vegan companies had already done that and we had this reference to go off of in terms of interfacing with the types of businesses we would want to be associated with and learning about and deliberately trying to promote... instead its all behind closed doors and nobody knows each other and everybody is competing with everybody else... what if you just wanted to create a business to change the world and help poor people and save animals and blablabla...