Non leather military-grade boots


Jun 14, 2016
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I am struggling to find synthetic material boots for work. I have uploaded a picture for an idea of the kind of thing that I need. They must be made for military/police purpose and of good quality. Has anyone heard of anything like this. I can't find anything.

Many thanks



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Hi. This is an interesting question.

I leave you with these links to have a look at. Some are closer to what you ask for than others. < European safety standard cert < European safety standard cert < European safety standard cert

Well, I really hope that something here helps. Let us know. The vegan community knows its a bit of a problem, so hopefully there will be better solutions manufactured in the future.
Thanks for your help. Their are some options there to consider. I was hoping one of the trusted brands (lows, haix, altberg etc.) in this type of product might have something. I worry about buying something not really built for the purpose as I really have to rely on these boot to be just right.
At least I have something to consider so thanks again.

I know nothing about those brands, sorry. You could double check, but I have a feeling if they did offer something vegan there would have been a big to-do in the community about it.
I've sent off a few emails asking the question. You never know. Will let you know if I come up with anything.
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I have done a bit of searching and come up with a few suitable options that might help someone out, if they are after the same thing as me.
The standard looking boot (uploaded) is from, they make specialist military and police footwear, altberg have got back to me stating that they will make a pair for me in Lorica material as a special order. This does cost another 25% on an already expensive boot but a very good option and suitable for military and police work. This would probably cost around £160

The next boot is by, this does look a bit modern, it looks to be none leather, I'm wondering whether if get away with it due to a strict dress code at work but definitely an option. Costs £130.



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Hi AS, welcome to the forum.

I've updated the title of this thread to keep it on-topic, which was about military grade boots.

But following your link for commercial shoes, I would never buy a product without checking - in the specific listing page for the product - what the materials are. Having said that I clicked on five random listings from those search results and they do appear to be made from synthetic materials (so are vegan).

You might find this link useful. It's a text-only cached page, because I don't want to post a link that will probably expire.

If you have any further questions please begin a new thread. :)
Thank you so much for swift reply. I would certainly go through the specific listings before I buy. I just ordered a faux leather boots (arider shoe brand), I will re-check with the label on shoe once I recieve the order. Thanks again for help.
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