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Nov 26, 2015
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Hello people!

I am a newbie of the newbies. I've been thinking about becoming a vegetarian for a long time now, but I never really had the motivation/money to do so.
After a lot of consideration I decided that I should stop making excuses and just try.
Hopefully I won't go completely broke ^^

xx Eliza
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Hello :)

We're mostly based around veganism though I believe becoming vegetarian is a set in the right direction :D

I started off as a vegetarian but then transitioned to vegan after a few months, I think you'll find it's actually cheaper if not costs around the same to be vegetarian meat costs a lot?

Anyway, welcome to the forums :)
Me too. I found being vegetarian way cheaper than not. If you go out buying every new substitute and fancy veg product then that is how you will run the bill. However if you eat the diet based on the block principles, you will be fine.

I was only lacto-ovo vegetarian for about two months, then I cut out eggs completely. Afterwards I was lacto vegetarian for a year and a half before going vegan. That part took longer because I kept listening to the omnivorous scaremongers about veganism, but finally I seemed to have broken past that.

If veganism seems to scary for you too (right now), or too soon, consider dropping eggs from your diet like I did as another stepping stone. :) If you'd like to know more about why this is a good idea, type 'viva UK fate of chicks' into YouTube.
Well i want to be a vegetarian first, just to get my body used to it. Maybe I'll be vegan someday, but at first vegetarian is enough for me.
The main reason for me to become a vegetarian is because of animal cruelty. Eggs are not really a problem for me now, because I get them from a friend of mine, who has a few very happy chickens, and she has so much eggs extra, so she gives them to us. I do think regular eggs are from very unhappy chickens, and i don't really buy those. Milk I would like to go without someday, but for now it's a bit too hard for me (maybe in a year?)
What is the main reason you went vegan?

greets, Eliza
Omnivore to vegetarian is not really a big change on the body. It will get used to it pretty quickly. It's going vegetarian to vegan that people tend to notice changes.

Initially I made the change due to the impact on the environment of being omnivorous or vegetarian both. Eventually all the reasons poured in and now I cannot imagine a life any different.