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I immediately started a strict vegan diet the beginning of January this year after watching the documentary “What the Health?” I am pleasantly surprised how natural it was to make this change.

I’m taking a B12 supplement in tablet form, but plan to switch to a sublingual type. I’ve also been adding a liquid D supplement to one meal per day.

The only issues I’m struggling with are acne that suddenly started to emerge on my face and neck in the past several weeks and seems to slowly be getting worse. I also struggle a bit with energy. I feel like I’m over caffeinated as a result. It doesn’t make me want to stop. I just need to learn more, balance my diet better and give it time I think.

Look forward to getting to know likeminded people and improve my diet with the advice from those who have have been on this journey much longer...

Welcome from BC, Canada.

The acne could be a result of increased oil comsumtion, including nuts.

It's funny you mention that, as I had a similar issue when I started. It seemed strange, as I am a bit old for zits. My best guess for myself is the increase in foods with oil, like those darn nuts.

I have since cut oil from my diet, and reduced my nutty habits. It seems to have calmed down for me.
Thank you for your reply! Yes, too many nuts. I seem to have the vegan food pyramid upside down. Time to get it right sided with more veg and fruit than nuts and seeds. I am too old for acne as well, so I hope it will dissipate soon with the changes.
or... acne might be your body de-poisoning itself since going vegan
or your body re-balancing it's yin/yan after excess yin type foods during the winter
or neither the above.

welcome. i am a new member myself :)
Thanks, Mike! I agree my body may be detoxing a bit as well.