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Apr 2, 2017
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So thanks for passing by my name is jobe and I'm currently trying to become vegetarian! I eventually want to become vegan but I think I'm FAR from that point. Now the only problem is, I have no clue what to eat for protein. I go to the gym frequently and I have ADHD so I need more protein than others and so I was wondering, what to you guys do for protien? Also, does anybody wanna be friends? :p I have poor motivation so I usually talk with others that are struggling with the same problem but pretty much no one I talk to is vegan or vegetarian lol

To get enough protein:

1. Eat at least some legumes (soy or lentils or beans). Make them at least 5-10% of your diet.
2. Make sure you eat enough calories. If you eat enough food in total, you should get protein.
3. Do not eat excessive amounts of fruit, fruit is low on protein so should be about 10-20% of your total food consumption. is a blog I wrote with further detail.

If you workout 2-3 hours a week, above advice may be sufficient. If you work out 5-10 hours a week, you can try and find a vegan protein shake or take more care about how much foods you eat with high protein.
I am currently loving quinoa and lentils for dinner. It doesn't have to be boring you can make your usual chilli (tomatoes, peppers, spices etc) and instead of meat thrown in some quinoa and red lentils that thickens it up and gives you protein (you can also plop a little protein powder like pea, hemp or soy in to "up it".

Seeds and nuts are good as are nut butters and you can have this on toast or crackers etc just remember that these have fat in too (moderation!).

Take a look at the guy that runs the site is a vegan and he has serious muscle.