Kids and cheese


Jul 3, 2017
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Not a new vegan. Kids are vegetarian and we have no idea how to stop the cheese! Any advice? We do quite a bit of PB and the cheese is probably 1/2 cup a week per kid (only 2). Still, I think about the cows every time they eat it and it kills me.

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Cheese is not easy to replace or forget about for some people. Unlike meat and milk there are not obvious, cheap, good substitutes. You should try vegan cheese if you haven't already but be prepared that it isn't as good or is more expensive, however if it's mixed onto things you might not notice the difference. At least try it.

I'd prefer you stay vegan except cheese (i.e. eat cheese) than fall off the wagon and go back to eating other things. Just by eliminating meat, fish, eggs and reducing dairy you have eliminated most of the associated animal cruelty and death so that is already a good start. So if necessary wean them off it steadily rather than a sudden withdrawal.

Speaking personally, I just stopped eating cheese. I did miss it a bit for a while, but now I don't.

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Follow Your Heart has some GREAT cheese alternatives and you can find other brands as well. You can find vegan pepper jack, sharp white cheddar and more if you know where to look. I'd try calling your local Trader Joe's, if you have one.

My vegan recipe book (link to it) has a lot of great recipes for kids that are very cheesy and delicious. The kid's favorite in my book seems to be the Mac & Cheese Inferno recipe! :) Btw, Amazon is running a promo where you can get my digital version for free right now, but that ends Friday.
I prefer daiya cheese. I've found it tastes the closest to real cheese. My son does not like it however so he eats real cheese. He's very picky and I don't mind feeding it to him since he has to eat. The only vegan cheese he does like is in the daiya mac and cheese probably because he just got used to it because it's the only mac and cheese I make.