Is it Possible to Influence a Company to Offer More Vegan Products?

Becky Brouse

Nov 17, 2015
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Hello All!

I need advice. I recently joined a brand new amazing direct selling company called KEEP Collective. It offers interchangeable collectible charms, bracelets & necklaces. This unique jewelry company allows people to wear what is most important to them - whether a cause or important hobby etc. I signed up and have been a successful Desiger - but being vegan - I've been conflicted because most of the bracelets that KEEP Collective offers are made out of leather. I recently decide this was not congruent with my heart. I'm ready to leave this company even though it not only brings me great joy - but brings joy to so many that I've touched. Whether it be inviting women to my team to create a prosperous living that changes their lives or by spreading the word that KEEP partnered with the KIND Campaign charity- that empowers young girls to be kind to one another.
So my question is - do you think dream upon dreams - that it is possible to continue to sell their jewelry - (EXCEPT the leather products) and try to create a positive movement in KEEP that the company cannot ignore and influences it's decisions to NOT offer leather etc? It sounds like a long stretch to me. But I'm up for the task. I just need some feedback from my fellow vegans if you all think this is viable etc. or if I'm being polly-anna and not realistic. Thank you for your help and advice.
In gratitude,
~ Becky


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Oct 20, 2015
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Isle of Wight UK
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This is tricky as people are willing to pay more for leather, as being perceived as a luxury, against anything else which they see as cheap imitation. Surely selling items involving hemp perhaps, would be more appropriate for the KIND campaign charity. Maybe you could look into alternatives to leather, design items and then suggest to KEEP that they would have a whole new area of marketing to the rapidly expanding vegan section of society. Worth a try.