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Dear Reader,

In deepest, darkest, rural Norfolk is a very special 18 hectare farm. The farm is fully vegetarian, vegan-friendly, and is currently offering internships.

Walnut Farm is a Permaculture Association LAND Centre, meaning it is a teaching site, and as part of the live-in internship positions it is offering there is the opportunity to gain a Permaculture Design Certificate.

You will be living semi-off grid in a vintage caravan with a log burner and electricity. There are plenty of internet points on-site, compost toilets, and a fresh water borehole - you can really taste the delicious difference between tap water and the real thing! The cooking facilities include a hand-made cob oven, rocket stoves, among other conveniences. The farm grows most of its own food, manages its own wood, with several growing beds, polytunnel, herb spiral, and orchard. There is also a sweat lodge on-site, yurt, a lake (and a small boat!), artist's facilities, along with several large barns with oodles of potential where the farm hosts a number of social events as well as spiritual and environmentally-focussed retreats.

This internship offers use of the caravan as well as all amenities, food, and access to courses as part of the payment. It is intended to last a minimum of three months, with flexibility up to a year. As the farm continues to be financially successful there is some future possibility of income (however this is in no-way guaranteed). Interns might be able to bring along their pets on a case-by-case basis. Duties will change with the seasons, and are adapted to the interests and abilities of the individual. All ages will be considered, and please also note that the site is not suited to those who are not able-bodied. The owner is particularly interested in practical, handy people though even if this is not you please do still apply!

Applications should be made by contacting the owner via the website - you should mention hearing about it on the forum when you do. You are also welcome to arrange a visit, which might last a few hours or few days, before deciding whether you feel it would be right for you. :)

Good luck!
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Brilliant. However I have pupils relying on me to help them through their coursework now and up until June. What I'd like to do is experiment with fungal forestry both regenerative and as a food crop. I'm also designing a bee-friendly hive to investigate ideal conditions (aiming at vegan-acceptable apiary techniques). If this ad were for a salaried position I'd be super-keen. Deepest, darkest, rural sounds wonderful to someone like me.
Any chance they would need an experienced teacher/researcher/writer who's happy to add to their off-grid lifestyle ideas in the future? Just checkin' :)
Any chance they would need an experienced teacher/researcher/writer who's happy to add to their off-grid lifestyle ideas in the future?

Afraid not. I used to live and work there, and I also come from a teaching/researching/writing background - ultimately I wasn't physical enough to keep going. It does require someone prepared to work whatever the weather and someone who relishes work that isn't cortical. :)
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