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    Moving to the tropics

    hello folks, since Corona Virus many people around the world have understood the need to move to the tropics and start growing their own food, you can say it's a survival idea. Many want to do it but the task seems way to enormous, and it is!! That's why i decided to spread the word about us and...
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    Media Kickstarter- some great sustainable vegan campaigns!!

    Have you guys seen/ know of Kickstarter? a cool way to support some amazing ideas- here are some awesome ones:- xx
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    Job Internship: *A Sustainable Farm*

    Dear Reader, In deepest, darkest, rural Norfolk is a very special 18 hectare farm. The farm is fully vegetarian, vegan-friendly, and is currently offering internships. Walnut Farm is a Permaculture Association LAND Centre, meaning it is a teaching site, and as part of the live-in internship...