I'm considering becoming vegetarian. I need convincing though. So, why should I?


Aug 10, 2015
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My consideration is solely to do with my moral displeasure in needless death. A unique ability of the human race is our capacity to choose. I don't believe meat is neccessary in our diets as a rule, but alas we are naturally capable and/ or adapted to consume it.

Now. I love meat. I eat it every day. But I feel bad for doing so.
I need more to go on that just base guilt. Can anybody tell me what goes on in the wonderful world of slaughterhouses etc?

It's the fine points that I need awareness of, and if someone has a convincing enough argument, then I will begin the road to vegetarianism.

My only argument against it is as follows.
A vegetarian doesn't eat meat.. But drives a car. Cars emit gasses which contribute to global warming. Global warming then destroys the natural habitats of certain animals and they, because of our selfishness, are dying somewhat unaturally. So, my point is, if killing animals for food is wrong, is driving a car wrong as well?

Thanks so much in advance for any replies, I can't wait to hear back!

Hello Samuel!

Happy to here you're thinking of removing the meat from your lifestyle.

You're right, we are naturally capable of consuming meat/animals though I personally believe as everything is evolving and by that I mean I understand that a long time ago food was scarce but today we can walk into a local supermarket or any shop and we're able to pick up anything we want, I thought to myself while I was still debating veganism "Why are we still slaughtering animals when there's so much in my local supermarket" At that time I was going through the "for and against" phase kind of like what you're going through, I also believe it's just a very ancient way of surviving as there's simply no need for animal slaughter to continue today, we need to evolve...

I've never really "loved" meat personally so the switch may be harder for you though I did love huge vegetable pizzas they were mouth watering!

I understand where you are coming from and you're not wrong obviously cars give off emissions which then causes global warming BUT, have you looked into how much CO2 is producing keeping live stock? How much energy is being used for that stake you ate last week, that glass of milk you drank? Read this. It's fairly surprising, who would have thought right? Here's another link from a reliable source just to back the link from the independent.

I don't have much time right now but here's a video of what goes on in some farms, I say "some" because not all are as cruel as farms in the video but that doesn't change my view on mass producing animals because they're "nicer" to animals. Imagine being born on a farm just to become someones meal? I could go on though as I've said I don't have a whole lot of time right now, here's the video I was talking about.

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)
I was one of the "normal" people who like to eat meat.

Then, 25 years ago, I tried to not eat meat for a month (after watching a documentation about slaughterhouses on the TV). In the beginning, it was quite hard. However, after a month I found out, much to my surprise, that I somehow did not "need" meat any more, it did not hold any particular appeal for me any longer.

So, I stayed vegetarian. (Second best decision of my life)

And 5 years ago, when learning what goes on in the egg and dairy industry, I also stopped that and went vegan. (Best decision of my life). Today, I wish I had heard much earlier about the problems with dairy and eggs, I would have gone vegan much earlier.

The documentary "Earthlings" is supposed to be an "eye-opener" for many, but I understand it is quite gruesome.

Best regards,
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The arguement is, to my way of thinking, an often repeated and somewhat childish one. But the answer is that if you care enough to act, then act on your caring. If you don't eat meat, you are removing your money from that area of that cruel industry and removing your personal and only slightly indirect interaction in deliberate killings. Plus, you might encourage your friends to join you too. There's still the dairy to consider. And fish feel pain too.
There is an abundance of information out there on the internet if you are interested in finding it. I recommend "Bitesized Vegan" on Youtube.

As to the car argument, there's always a bike, walking, rollerblading, skateboarding, self-balancing scooters, motorbikes (which consume less fuel but still get you there) and electric cars. And for the really long journey's you can share a bus or train with other folks.