How cheap is a plant based diet


Dec 3, 2019
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Since eating a plant based diet it has surprised me how cheap it is. My grocery bill the other day was 20 dollars for the whole trolley. Its normally 60 or 70 dollars. People at work were talking about buying their hams for Christmas they were spending anywhere from 40 to 100 dollars.

I have had people always say that eating healthy is so much more expensive than junk food. I am finding the opposite. Plant based eating is way cheaper than meat or junk food. In fact its highlighted how expensive meat is. I'm saving a ton of money eating this way.

I am also looking into creating my own herb and vegie garden. That's next on my list of things to do. I can't wait.

I also feel better. I came eye to eye with a chicken on the truck on it's way to be slaughtered. I felt so bad for it. It breaks your heart, I dont want to be a part of that anymore either.

Has anyone else transitioning found the same.

Three Chickpeas

Jan 26, 2019
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Definitely cheaper. Our grocery bill has dropped considerably, almost halving. That includes buying fresh fruit and produce. For some reason there's a common misconception that this stuff is expensive, but generally its much cheaper than the meat and dairy we've replaced. Rice and beans are the cheapest staple foods you can buy, and go a long way to dropping the overall bill on a per calorie basis.


Oct 22, 2012
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I agree. I spend a lot less on groceries these days. A veg*n diet can get pricy if you buy a lot of processed foods like the meat analogs and whatnot, but if you shop in season and scout out sales, you can spend a lot less. I also do some canning, so that helps in the winter months when decent fresh veggies are harder to find.


May 19, 2016
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California, USA
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