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Nov 18, 2017
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Today I went to the Finnish sauna and hot tubs, this cute little cafe made of wood that looks like something you would find in the Alps in the early 20th century. I know it's Finnish, but it reminds me of those little German villages in Bavaria. They always have a cat (their old guy passed away, and they have a new friend who hangs out) and they only serve coffee, tea, vegan soups and breads/pastries so it's a pretty healthy place, not a bar or full service restaurant. I feel like a better human being every time I leave this place, especially when I do an outdoor hot tub under the redwoods and/or a private sauna with eucalyptus oil, but sometimes I even just stop in for a coffee or herbal tea, to read a magazine and pet the kitty.

It's cheaper than paying someone to give me a massage, and I really enjoy it. I also got some free detox herbal samples at the co-op afterwards and am feeling pretty good.

Do you have anything you do, anything at all, that you consider self-care or "preventative medicine"?
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@Forest Nymph
That sounds awesome, and very special.

When I was younger, I didn't care about my body, so it's probably too late already... But I try my best to remember to take care of my physical being, after all, we get only one.
I'm not doing all of these everyday, but I try to remember to... Meditate, exercise, stretch, be with nature and animals, socialise, protect myself (practice awareness), draw, write, listen to music, read, eat healthy, dance, sleep enough, take my vitamins... Haha... I'm sorry for boring you to death.
Everyday I drink water, take a shower and brush my teeth. :cool:
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