News FDA decides Hampton Creek's Just Mayo is mayo after all

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Apr 26, 2012
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Tesco seems to have changed its mind:
The bad news first: it appears it is not coming to Tesco anytime in the near future. A few people have heard back from both the mayo company and the supermarket with the message being the same. Tesco currently has no plans to stock the cruelty-free mayo.
Just Mayo in the UK

Do they get to keep that egg shape on their label?
Tesco seems to have changed its mind:

Just Mayo in the UK

Do they get to keep that egg shape on their label?
The new label
Good news... I go through at least one squeeze bottle of the chipotle Just Mayo a week thanks to my seitan sandwich addiction.
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What's the new part..."spread and dressing"?
Actually, that is what I would get rid off first.....

I really like the plant sprouting against the egg shaped backdrop. I actually think it's a very clever and creative way of expressing that it's plant based.
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I like the egg image, as it makes me think of boiled eggs, which I really like as sandwich fillers...even if I know there is no egg in there I like the theatrics of pretending there is egg in there, but someone who didn't read the label would likely think there is egg in there, no that I care about that, but it does seem a little misleading.

how about this, which I just mocked up quickly:
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I would prefer if they simply made the shape round.

Plant against round backdrop as opposed to egg-shaped :)
I never even paid attention to the egg shape on Just Mayo jars until this article lol. I see a jar of Just Mayo and automatically my mind starts picturing potato salad, chickpea salad sandwiches, macaroni salad, lettue and tomato sandwiches....I can't be bothered with such minute details.
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it doesn't look like it shows that plant is replacing egg, to me, it looks like plant and egg are in it. Looks like egg and cress.
To increase truth in advertising, they should make it pea-shaped (but, to be honest, how is a pea really shaped? Just ... round? Or ... a little bean-shaped?)