Favourite Vegan Restaurants (Manchester)


Jun 21, 2015
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I have a couple of really good vegan restaurants that I would be going to right now if I wasn't in Thailand!
Just going to share them with you because a couple of them are really good and really deserve some attention! I will include a couple that are not vegan but have got some really good vegan food if you ask them for it!

1847 - Manchester
This is my favourite one of all, they are quite pricey, so 3 course meal for two, with cocktails is probably going to cost you around £80, but by golly is it worth it! It's honestly some of the best food I have ever tasted in my entire life, not all the food is vegan, but it's all veggie, and it all has very clearly labelled options!

My Thai - Manchester
If you have seen some of my previous threads, you know I'm a sucker for Thai food by now ;) again this is one of my favourite eateries in Manchester, it has beautiful curries and pretty much all of it can be made vegan, make sure you ask for no fish oil as Thai people like to use that stuff in everything!

Ackbars - Manchester
Now this is a crown jewel when it comes to eating out, it has to be my favourite vegan Indian in manchester, it is actually pretty cheap and will cook things specifically to your taste. We went there with a party of approx 25-30, and they were happy to accommodate!
I'll be sure to take a look at 1847 and My Thai as I've never been to either but Ackbars was great when I went there too!

Tampopo is another great restaurant! It doesn't only serve vegan or vegetarian food but they have a great choice of vegan and vegetarian options available! More so than many other places I've been to had! They're a Vietnamese restaurant and the food is amazing. They cook it right in front of you with an open kitchen in the one in the Trafford Centre. I've never been to the one in Manchester itself but I've heard great things! You should check it out if you're ever nearby.