Christian Professor vs Atheist Student Debate


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Mar 6, 2019
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Christian Professor vs Atheist Student DEBATE (COSMIC SKEPTIC IS A VEGAN ACTIVIST)

10:21 It sounds like GOD is just the guy who came in first in some epic contest, like if it were skateboarding he would be GOD of skateboarding, GOD of creation or was it Abraham GOD of war ??? also he is saying the definition of GOD is someone in alignment on morality, aka there could be this other skateboarder who was even better but because they were disqualified for some other category failure they arent the GOD of skateboarding... but then of course we're expected to believe morality doesnt include animals or women or slaves or etc. (pretty sure this whole topic is cloaked language for tricking children into thinking and values before they realize telepathy is real, lots and lots of abuse, constitution is a punk in the US) Morality is an attribute of people interacting in the world... its like saying yellow is an attribute of bananas... asking where does morality come from is like asking where does yellow come from, its just an attribute of reality, idk what to tell you

21:10 I didnt hear him say it but in terms of social nihilism, the thought that all you need to do is go to jesus and he will forgive you for whatever it was... that is what creates social nihilism, nothing really matters anymore because you can just go to jesus... the other thing is that millions of christians have already heard the argument for going vegan and have chosen to continue eating cruelty products... most people will hear a vegans arguments, give some neutral agreement thing in the moment and then later that night think what does it matter, jesus isn't vegan... we need to be honest about that

21:19 I decided to post this with my comments at

More of my thoughts in the comments on cosmic skeptics work
Maybe this should be its own post?
She's the only vegan apart from cosmic skeptic and she was years before I believe