Chicago veganmania 2017


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Aug 9, 2017
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Is anyone going to the Chicago VeganMania next weekend? I was planning on going since I am about 2.5 hours North of Chicago, but I was wondering if anyone else in the area is attending. This would be my first Vegan festival. Next May there is one in Milwaukee that I will go to as well, and that one is much closer. :)
I live in Burlington and me and my sister are going; very excited to go! I don't think there is a huge community of vegans west of 164 LOL as you drive into Milwaukee the stores reflect more vegan choices..
I wish we could go but I don't have the time off of work or the money. Guess we will go next year. The milwaukee one is closer to us anyway.
Nice! I hope to see you there. I will do the one in Milwaukee next year too. You can't miss me, I am 6'6" tall and have a large frame. Come say hi if you want. My name is Les.
There aren't really any vegans in the Plymouth area either. I can get soy milk and some boca fake meats, but if I want non dairy cheese or some of the fancier stuff, I need to drive to Sheboygan. We have 4 cheese factories in town, so I don't think they want any fake cheese cutting into their market! :)