Can someone give me some feedback for a university project?

Grant Chrisp

Feb 2, 2017
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I am a student at Nottingham Trent University studying Product Design. I am creating a product to encourage people to create their own condiments. The product would work by, the user putting their chosen ingredients into a capsule, the user would then either manually blend the ingredients by twisting the product to create a relish or the other option would be for the capsule to have a blender blade inside of it so that it could be put on a motorised base to automatically blend the ingredients.

Once the ingredients are blended within this capsule it would then be able to be placed on the dining table ready for use.

I am trying to make this capsule (bottle) to look modern and nice so it looks fancy on the dining table and attractive. The bottle essentially is a multifunctional blender cup that also dispenses the product like a typical ketchup bottle would.

If you have any ideas or criticisms about the product (GOOD OR BAD) please feel free to comment it would greatly help my research! I will attach some pictures below to illustrate the basic concepts that I have in mind.37 Research Focus Group Two-min.jpg 36 Research Focus Group Concept One-min.jpg

Thank you,

Hi Grant,

Will all the bits be easy to wash up and to dry?

If you had any left would you have to decant it into something else or could the capsule go in the fridge?

Does it all come apart and would there be a bottom to replace the plunger bit if you had some left over?

Being squeezy plastic, what is the life expectancy of the item?

It's a great idea, I particularly like the manual options, but the blender one would be great for people who have less strength or dexterity in their hands.

Good luck

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I'm not sure yet whether it will be easy to wash and dry but when I make the final product I will make sure that it is easily washable.

I will also try to make it as modular as possible so it can be taken apart. You would be able to put it in the fridge to be used again if you wanted. I'm not sure about the life expectancy of the product as I dont know for sure the exact material that I would have it out of.

Thank you for the feedback! sorry I do not have many answers I am just researching at the moment to discover which direction I should go in.

I'm glad you like the idea :)

I will start creating some sketches and get back to you when I have the initial prototypes and stuff complete.

Thank you :)