Can protein rich vegan sweets reduce meat consumption?


Mar 20, 2017
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At Life Loving Foods we have decided to take on a major challenge and to innovate by producing high in protein and fiber, healthy, vegan versions of popular desserts such as Chocolate Chip Cookies.

We are launching these products under the:

Rich in Protein - Be Strong Be Vegan !


We have based our choice on a number of established health recommendations and considerations.

First of all protein takes longer to digest than other nutrients such as fat and carbohydrates. This means that it provides a longer feeling of satiety since the stomach retains it longer. In addition to that the fiber absorbs humidity and expands creating a full stomach feeling as well.

This combination of digestive elements recreates a similar effect to that of eating meats.

Protein is also considered useful in helping to maintain low body weight since it raises the metabolism in addition to the extended feeling of satiety. Protein intake is needed to maintain muscle tissue regeneration, especially in teenagers and athletes. It also benefits adults by helping them maintain a higher muscle mass proportion in their bodies.

For the above reasons and others, protein is a very desirable nutrient and the main traditional source for it is meats and animal products. Vegetables are not as highly concentrated in protein and extracted versions which are high in protein are not easy to consume since they are powders or granules. Though much progress has been made in developing meat substitutes for animal proteins but it is still difficult to reach high levels. So we have decided to support our rich in protein meals with rich in protein desserts as well and make it possible to have a tasty, affordable and rich in protein daily food supply. In addition to that rich in protein desserts are universally desirable and easy to consume.

Our campaign is based on the assumption that if there is a pleasant, cost effective and healthy means to provide people with a high protein intake solution then it would naturally reduce the reliance on animal meats.

It would be nice to have any sort of feedback about this idea and its validity. Scientific claims, personal views, suggestions and any sort of contribution are highly welcome and can be for or against.

Life Loving Thanks in advance,


PS – It is possible to consult full details about the product including nutrition data and other at our website.