British Vegan moving to France?


Nov 7, 2020
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I'm French, I"ve been living in the US since 1990. I'm currently in Ariege, which is an area in the French Pyrenees. I"ve been here since July 2020 and will go back to the US in August. We just bought a house here. My wife is American. For the next 5-6 years or so, I"ll spend only 3 months in Ariege and eventually will settled down there for good. Anyway, I sadly believe that Biden is just the calm between two storms
The Ariege area has been literally colonized, in a good way, by people from the UK. Our plumber is English as well as our carpenter and some of our best friends here.
Still, I do miss a vegan community here. So here's my idea: If anybody from the English speaking world would be tempted to explore the area, either for vacation or to settle down here, partially or completely, I"m willing to help in many ways. Real estate is much, much cheaper than what you have in the UK.
This is NOT a business solliciation. I'm not interested in making money with anybody here. I've just realized that the people I get along with are vegans who speak English.
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