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Apr 26, 2012
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It should now be possible to help out with the financial side of Vegan Forum by becoming a Supporter!

Perks currently include, but are not limited to:
  • More signature permissions (colour, font, formatting, two lines, one link/URL)
  • A little 'Supporter' title on your account to show you're supporting us
  • Access to a secret subforum that might be created at some point
  • Awesome feeling of contributing to something good
I understand there was a Supporter / Account Upgrade feature here on VF back in 2016. Those who have arrived here from VV might also be familiar with this kind of feature. (If you're already a Contributing Member on VV - thank you! And don't worry about becoming a VF Supporter until after the merge.)

Just like any other website you visit, it costs to maintain Vegan Forum - especially since it's constantly growing.

There are currently three options, one for each of the three currencies we accept: USD, GBP, EUR. Choose whichever you prefer. Supporter membership lasts for one year, and is a recurring annual payment until you choose to cancel. You can find these options by clicking this link or navigating to the page yourself from your account menu. As the forum becomes more popular these costs may change; more visitors means more resources are needed to serve content.

Some screenshots to show how to do this - first click on 'Account upgrades' from your account menu:


Then choose one of the three options:

This should then take you to a PayPal page. It says you can pay with PayPal or with a credit/debit card.
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I've not tested this yet here on VF - who will be first to try? :) Feel free to report your experiences here or in private message.
@Amy SF : It turns out that it had not been properly copied across. I've gone in and manually tried to fix it so all those who were "contributors" on VV are now "supporters" here on VF. (Those are the names of the user groups.)

PayPal will continue to charge you on our(*) behalf once per year, as before, until you cancel (through PayPal). (

* The VV PayPal account has simply been transferred/renamed to VF.
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