Anyone tried the new Beyond Beef?


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Feb 24, 2021
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I haven't seen it at any of the stores around here yet. I watched a video of Sauce Stache trying it, and he gave it high marks.

I don't usually eat faux meat burgers, but I do like to use it sometimes in cooking. I just made a pot of 15 bean soup where the recipe called for 1 pound of sausage. I put a pound of Beyond in there. There are other recipes like a vegan Italian Wedding Soup that I make.

He said that the new formulation is a lot lower in saturated fat, and tastes a lot better.

Has anyone tried it yet?
It has avocado oil so not for me. I hope they don't mess with the Italian sausages, those are the only faux meat things I care about buying--oh, and Aldi meatballs for spaghetti
I have not tried it yet, either, but I would like to.